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What’s on in September?

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 17:46

No service Sunday, Sept 8 due to Thirst

We’re hugely looking forward to our church weekend away, expecting God to meet us powerfully as we gather to worship Him at Thirst 2019 at Camp Squeah. This means, of course, that there are NO SUNDAY SERVICES this week.

Our Sunday morning service at the Vancity Theatre in Yaletown will resume next week onSeptember 15, 2019. Trinity Goes on the Road September 29

As usual, we are vacating our usual premises at the Vancity Theatre this fall due to the Vancouver International Film Festival. This year, we will be meeting at the Park Theatre on Cambie Street (3440 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8) for three Sundays: September 29, October 6 and October 13. Due to time restrictions, we will be beginning our service on these three weeks at 9:30am. Coffee will be served after the service. New to Trinity? Come to lunch with us Sept 29

Our Newcomers’ lunches are a terrific way to meet people.  If you’re new to Trinity please do come along. All you need to bring is yourself as lunch will be provided. If you’re interested in coming please let one of our Welcome team know on Sunday or email

When: Sunday, Sept. 29 from 1:30pm          Where: to be announced Save the Date

Oct 27 – Newcomers’ Lunch
Oct 30 – Prayer Meeting

Nov 3 – Gift Day
Nov 11 to 25 – Steve and Ruth Brading visit

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Bienvenidos to Lee and Stacey Yarbrough

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 15:49

We are thrilled to soon be welcoming our good friends, Lee and Stacey Yarbrough, from León, Mexico. They will be with us from September 4 through 10. Lee will be the keynote speaker at Thirst 2019. We are also hoping that Lee and Stacey will jointly teach a seminar for us before Thirst – keep your ears up for more details on that.

Lee visited Trinity Central some years ago but Stacey has never been with us, so we are very glad to finally meet her. Here is a brief sketch of the Yarbrough’s life and ministry:

The Yarbroughs have been leading and planting churches and training up leaders in Mexico for over 30 years. Originally from the USA, Lee & Stacey were sent from a church in Anchorage, Alaska to Mexico in 1985 (that must have been a welcome change weather-wise!). Lee and his team currently serve more than 20 New Frontiers churches in Mexico, in both large cities and rural areas, plus a few churches in Bolivia and Peru.

Here is Lee:

Our desire and vision is to see grace filled, Christ centered, vibrantly worshipping churches planted and established throughout North, Central, and South America. Along with that, our vision is to see nationals equipped and trained to plant new churches, and provide strength and leadership to existing churches.

The Yarbroughs have four children: Ryan, Daniel, William and Matthew.

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What’s on in August at Trinity Central?

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 17:10

Come worship with us Sunday mornings

Please join us as we gather together to worship God on Sunday mornings at Yaletown. We will be continuing our sermon series on the book of Exodus.

Location: Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour St., Vancouver)

Time: Coffee is served at 10am; service begins at 10:30am Want to connect & grow in your faith? Join a LifeGroup

LifeGroups are an amazing way to make friends and go deeper in our walk with God. They are the building blocks of our church. If you are looking to make deeper connections at Trinity Central we strongly encourage you to join a LifeGroup – you can find out more HERE. Save the Date

August 23-26 – Devoted 2019 (UK)

Sept 6 to 8 – Thirst 2019
Sept 11 – Family Meeting (for members)
Sept 25 – Prayer Meeting

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What’s on in July?

Tue, 07/02/2019 - 14:05

July 7 is wedding Sunday (10am start time)

We will be doing something delightfully different for our Sunday morning service on July 7 – having a wedding! Our dear friends Art Graham and Laura Petek will be exchanging marriage vows during our morning service in Yaletown. We will begin with a time of worship and then have a short preach on marriage. We will take a quick break to bring in the children from their Trinity Kids activities, and then finish with the wedding ceremony and a final song.

PLEASE NOTE THE SERVICE WILL BEGIN AT 10AM and end at about 11:45am. There will be a stand-up reception with appetizers served after the service. Come early to get a good seat. Come Dine With Us – Saturday, July 13

We want to get the church eating together and making new friends – to see Trinity folks enjoying lovely meals with great people they might not normally spend time with.

How can you be involved? SIMPLY SIGN UP and tell us whether you want to be a guest or a host. We’ll be in touch with the details (such as number of guests you can accommodate or dietary requirements you may have) and then we’ll match guests to hosts.

If you’re a guest, a few days in advance you’ll be given the address where you’ll be enjoying a meal. If you’re a host, you’ll be told how many people are coming and other relevant details. Then come Saturday the 13th, turn up and enjoy yourself!

**** We recommend you get your babysitters booked in quickly! ***** Come pray with us Wednesday, July 24

The church is powered by prayer – we know that it is God who changes lives and the world so that’s why we call on Him. Please join us on Wednesday, July 24 as we come together to pray at the Roundhouse.

Where: Roundhouse Community Centre                                      When: 7:30pm

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What’s on in June?

Sun, 06/09/2019 - 14:12


New to Trinity? Please come to lunch June 9th Our Newcomers’ lunches are a terrific way to meet people. Our next lunch will be hosted by Sam and Kath Wade in Mt. Pleasant. If you’re new to Trinity please do come along. All you need to bring is yourself as lunch will be provided. If you’re interested in coming please let one of our Welcome team know on Sunday or email

When: Sunday, June 9 from 1:30pm          Where: 46 11th Avenue West, Vancouver Let’s welcome Jeremy & Ann Simpkins June 14

Our great friends Jeremy and Ann Simpkins are visiting us from June 14-27. Jeremy leads the ChristCentral sphere of churches within NewFrontiers and provides apostolic oversight to Trinity Central. He and Ann have been visiting us annually since the very beginning of Trinity and have built so much strength into the church.

You can find out more about Jeremy and Ann on our website. Come pray with us June 18 at the Roundhouse

Our mission is powered by prayer – we know that it is God who changes lives and the world so that’s why we call on Him. Please join us on Tuesday, June 18 as we come together to pray at the Roundhouse. Jeremy and Ann Simpkins will be joining us.

Where: Roundhouse Community Centre                                      When: June 18 at 7:30pm Save the Date

June 23 – Leaders’ evening with the Simpkins

July 24 – Prayer Meeting
July 28 – Newcomers’ Lunch

Sept 6 to 8 – Thirst 2019

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What’s on in May?

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 15:31

Join us for the Week of Prayer

We love the Week of Prayer! This is a significant time for us as a church as we worship God, seek His will, and hear from Him. Please plan to come out as often as you can! This Week of Prayer will feature morning and evening prayer meetings at various times and locations.

Details are HERE Become a member of Trinity Central

We are excited to welcome new members at our next Membership Sunday on Sunday, May 26th. If you would like to become a member of Trinity Central Church you can begin the process here. Save the Date

June 9 – Newcomers’ Lunch
June 14 to 27 – Jeremy and Ann Simpkins visit
June 23 – Leaders’ evening with the Simpkins

Sept 6 to 8 – Thirst 2019

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The Priority of Prayer

Wed, 05/01/2019 - 19:52

This morning Rob got up at 5am, an hour earlier than usual, so that he could go to the hospital to pray. Sara spent half her lunch hour walking to and from an apartment, so she could meet with friends to pray. Another girl I know changed her day off work so she could spend it in prayer.

Why? Because we believe prayer works. Because we believe prayer is powerful. And because God wants us to pray to Him.

Terry Virgo – a man of prayer

While Terry Virgo was visiting Trinity Central in April he shared some of his and Wendy’s story:  how he came to be the father of a movement of churches, and the many amazing adventures God has taken them on in leading people to rediscover New Testament church life founded on the unity of the Word and Spirit. What came across powerfully is that so many of his stories began ‘I prayed…’ or ‘as I was praying…’. Terry’s life has been lived in constant communication with his Father.

This prayer-fuelled life certainly has been an adventure! From seeing a restoration of spiritual gifts in worship, to seeing church after church being planted across the UK; doors opening for churches to be planted in countries closed to the Gospel, and doors opening on buildings that were impossible to buy; bodies healed and relationships restored and Jesus’ name proclaimed – all starting with prayer.

Terry Virgo is certainly a great man of faith, who has been used by God in an extraordinary way. But he is not an extraordinary man. He is a very humble, personable man, a regular man – just like you or me – who has learned to lean into God. At one of the Sunday meetings Terry shared the story of another man who was ‘just like us’, whose prayers changed the trajectory of a nation. Opening up 1 Kings 18, Terry talked about Elijah’s prayer which shut the heavens. The Bible tells us that Elijah prayed – and God caused the rain to stop. Again Elijah prayed, and God sent the rain once more.

It was God who closed the heavens to bring drought to Israel, not Elijah. It was God who gave the rain. God alone has this power over the natural world. However, He did it because of and through Elijah’s prayer. Elijah’s prayer for the drought was not a random thought, but came from his reading of the Hebrew scriptures. He read of God’s promise to the nation Israel of the consequences if they should abandon their covenantal relationship with Him. He read the promise, and when he saw how Ahab and Jezebel had turned the nation away from worship of God, he prayed God’s promise back to him.

Terry showed us how

“again and again God makes us a promise – and then invites us into that promise in prayer.”

It is something of a mystery, why God loves us to pray. He doesn’t need us; we cannot change His mind or force Him to do something He doesn’t want to. And yet somehow when we pray He allows us to partner with Him in bringing about His promises to us. I can’t pretend to fully understand it. But I get a thrill at the prospect!

I believe God has promised that through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Kingdom of God has entered into this world. Which means healing is possible. It means the resources of heaven have been made available to us. It means we can and do expect to see miracles. If we will ask for them – if we will enter into God’s promises through prayer.


This is why we pray

That’s why I spent the day praying for a little girl undergoing surgery, and a mother about to give birth. That’s why I choose to arrive at church at 9:30am instead of 10am, so I can spend 30 minutes in prayer with others for the service. That’s why the monthly prayer meeting is one of my favourite evenings; it’s why I love to meet with my friends not just to drink coffee together but also to pray together! Because it is exciting, it is an adventure, and it joins our hearts to God’s.

Terry encouraged us to prayer – to pray specifically, to pray fervently, to pray intimately. He encouraged us to pray with the Spirit and in the Spirit. If you haven’t had chance yet, I recommend you to listen to his message on prayer  (scroll down) if you want to be encouraged that your prayers matter! And then I invite you to come join me in praying for our church, our city and our families.

Come join the adventure!

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What’s on in April at Trinity Central?

Wed, 04/03/2019 - 17:05

Come meet the Virgos at the Roundhouse April 4

We are very excited to welcome Terry and Wendy Virgo to Vancouver – they arrive on April 3rd. If you want to find out a bit more about them you can check out their websites here (Terry) and here (Wendy). On April 4th at the Roundhouse (181 Roundhouse Mews) you are invited to our Meet the Virgos evening. This will be a great opportunity to meet them, hear their story and ask a few questions. Prayer Meeting at the Roundhouse April 10

The church is built on prayer – we know that it is God’s power, not ours, that changes lives and the world. Please join us on Wednesday, April 10 as we come together as the Body of Christ to pray at the Roundhouse. Terry and Wendy Virgo will be praying with us – we have much to learn from these two saints and it will be a joy to pray with them.

Where: Roundhouse Community Centre                                               When: 7:30pm Don’t miss the Amazing Grace conference April 13

On Saturday, April 13 at UBC Terry Virgo, founder of New Frontiers, will be speaking on God’s extraordinary, powerful and unstoppable grace. It’s a life changing message that is open to everyone so invite your friends. Sounds pretty sweet!

You can find out more here or register now.

If you want to hear what Terry is all about why not listen to a few sermons? New folks: please join us for lunch on April 28

A wonderful way to meet some great people is to come to our monthly Newcomers’ lunches. If you’ve never been to one of our Newcomers’ lunches please do come along. All you need to bring is yourself as lunch will be provided. If you’re interested in coming please let one of our Welcome team know on Sunday or email

When: Sunday, April 28 from 1:30pm          Where: TBA Join us for Membership Sunday, April 28

We are excited to welcome new members at our next Membership Sunday. If you would like to explore becoming a member of Trinity Central Church you can begin the process here.

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What’s on in March at Trinity Central?

Tue, 03/05/2019 - 14:04

 What's On?

Calling on God prayer meeting – Wednesday, March 20

We love prayer – Jesus made praying to his Father a priority and so do we. Please join us on Wednesday, March 20 as we come together as the Body of Christ to pray at the Roundhouse.

Where: Roundhouse Community Centre                                                 When: 7:30pm Newcomers’ Lunch on March 31

There’s no better way to meet people than at our monthly Newcomers’ lunches. This month we are being hosted by Benjamin Sampson, Zac Bosma and Joseph Tinlin at their apartment in Yaletown. If you’ve never been to one of our Newcomers’ lunches please do come along. All you need to bring is yourself as lunch will be provided. If you’re interested in coming please let one of our Welcome team know on Sunday or email

When: Sunday, March 31 from 1:30pm          Where: #505 – 238 Alvin Narod Mews, Vancouver Sign up for Thirst – beat the March 31 price break

Thirst 2019 is our annual and amazing church weekend away in the magnificent mountains of Hope, BC from September 6-8. Thirst is a wonderful time of friendship, Spirit-filled worship and teaching and fun – we’d love everyone to be there! Tickets won’t be any cheaper than they are right now so REGISTER NOW  to get the best deal – prices go up as of March 31st!

Have questions? Find out more about Thirst here. Save the Date

April 3 to 15 – Terry and Wendy Virgo visit
April 4 – Meet Them Virgos
April 10 – Prayer Meeting
April 13 – Amazing Grace day conference

June 14 to 27 – Jeremy and Ann Simpkins visit

Sept 6 to 8 – Thirst 2019

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What’s on in February at Trinity Central?

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 17:19

A graphic that says "February What's On?"

We welcome Bo Noonan and Gary Gallant

Our good friend Gary Gallant from ChristCentral church in Fredericton will be with us from February 5th – 14th. You can expect to see him at our Sunday services on the 10th or our prayer meeting on the 13th, or just randomly around Vancouver bird-watching.

We are also excited to welcome Bo Noonan, lead elder of New Community Church, a NewFrontiers church in Tacoma, Washington. Bo will be preaching at Yaletown and UBC on February 10th. Come join us! Let’s call on God together February 13th

We’re excited to praise God and pray together on Wednesday, February 13th at the Roundhouse at 7:30pm. Amazing things happen when we pray to our faithful Father. Hope to see you there!

When: 7:30pm, Feb. 13           Where: Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown New folks, please join us for lunch Sunday, Feb 24

If you’re new to Trinity Central then we’d love to have you at our Newcomers’ Lunch on Sunday, Feb 24 following the morning service. This is a great opportunity to meet people over some delicious lunch. You don’t need to bring anything except your appetite! If you’re interested in coming please let one of our Welcome team know on Sunday.

When: 1:30pm                                                                       Where: to be decided

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More stories from the PHP Team visit

Wed, 01/23/2019 - 19:05


It’s been a few months since we had Dave Fellingham and the Pursuing His Presence team ministering to us. As we start a new year, it is good to look back and remember all God has done and is doing in us, and to let that inspire us as we look ahead. Pursuing God’s presence is a lifelong adventure, and so I wanted to share two more testimonies from that time to encourage you in your walk with our Father who loves us and loves us to be in His Presence!


I’ve struggled a lot in the last few years with feeling ‘overlooked’: being in the shadows/background, feeling as though I am not good enough, that I have nothing of value to offer. Whether it’s as a friend, serving, stepping out in new areas, whatever – it is a lie that I’ve been fighting for many years that never seems to quite go away. These lies have held me back from stepping out, skewed my perspective of how God and other people see me. They have challenged my sense of belonging, my own worth and my own personality. This last season has had a fair few challenges and I have been struggling with my purpose here in this city and not hearing God’s voice clearly, feeling uncertainty in decisions and whether I am in the right place doing the right things.

At the PHP conference on the Saturday I encountered the Holy Spirit in a very strong way and responded.

I remember hearing others around me being prayed and prophesied over and I wanted God to speak into my battles and struggles through someone else too. Someone briefly prayed for me but I was very much left alone with God. My time with God was refreshing and great but I was very frustrated with God as I felt abandoned and ignored in my struggles. On Sunday I stepped out for prayer again and the same thing happened. I started to question why, when I needed some input and clarity so badly, was God withholding it from me?

The next day during a conversation however, something clicked. Someone reminded me about a gift God had given me and how maybe that was where God wanted me to step out. Suddenly I realised that God had been speaking to me for months about this in small ways, like pieces of a puzzle, and I now had the picture of how all these pieces fit together. I wasn’t being overlooked by God! He had been speaking gently to me and working on my heart through my frustrations and battles.

So while I may not have received any prophetic words or words of knowledge from the Horsham team, and certainly life wasn’t ‘solved’, their visit brought an opportunity for me to engage deeper with God and a realisation that I do not need someone else to tell me what God is saying. I had been hearing from God and I was just waiting on the overall picture to sort out the pieces that didn’t make sense by themselves. It has helped me to have patience for the struggles still ongoing as He is faithful and He will continue to speak to me.

God does love to bless us by speaking into our lives through others though and since that weekend, I’ve actually had 14 prophetic words brought to me by my Trinity family, reaffirming and challenging me. Sometimes there is one life-changing word/weekend/experience but mostly God loves to use us as a family to change each other and to grow together.



During the week the Horsham team were here, Jarrett brought a word at the prayer meeting about how he felt there were people who were feeling like they hadn’t connected with the Holy Spirit lately, but He was going to do a new thing in those people. I can’t remember the exact words, but I just felt like it connected with me at the time!

Then in the week following that, I felt like God started to speak to me in the small things, through my day to day. On the Saturday morning [of the Pursuing His Presence conference] I saw two pictures that I felt God speak to me through:

The first one was of the sun rising over the water and I thought how even with a small glimpse of the sun, the water started to reflect His creation. I felt God saying: “I’m the one who shines and you reflect Me”. We just need to soak Him up, and as we go into our day to day we will continue to shine and reflect Him.

The second one was as I drove to the PHP conference – there was a mist over the road ahead of me. The sun still shone through it but there was still this really thick mist and I felt like it was like the Holy Spirit, thick around us. We can see the mist but can’t touch or feel it, but it’s there and this mist is gentle and as it’s feeding God’s earth, watering it, it mirrors how the Holy Spirit is gently sustaining and feeding us. We can’t mould the Holy Spirit, we just need to let the Spirit mould us and gently do His thing.

At the meeting as we worshipped I felt like my hands were dripping with dew, and it felt like the Holy Spirit was doing that exact thing to us. His Presence was thick and drenching us; feeding us and pouring Himself into us and we will “drip Him”, and the overflow will be onto others.

I was battling with whether to bring these pictures, and when I finally got the courage to, there wasn’t enough time!

Then I felt like what Dave Fellingham brought throughout the meeting was totally bringing those pictures to life! He spoke from Psalm 80 where it repeats three times saying ‘make your face shine down upon us’ (NLT) like how God had spoken to me through the sun that morning and he went on with the words “for some of you the Holy Spirit is like a mist in the room gently doing its thing” and that was what I had felt and even written down before he brought it!

I found that so encouraging and affirming, that even though I didn’t get to bring those words, that God still spoke to me so clearly and that He still made His encouragement known!

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. – Psalm 16:11

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What’s on in January at Trinity Central?

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 18:13

 What's On?"

Join us for worship at UBC and Yaletown

We are gathering together to worship God every Sunday morning at Yaletown and evening at UBC(now at a new location: Carey Theological College). Coffee is served from 10am and the service begins at 10:30am. You are very welcome to worship with us! Family Meeting for Members Wednesday, Jan. 9

If you are a Member of Trinity Central, you are warmly encouraged to join us for the Family Meeting. We will be meeting in the common room at Steve and Milly Jones’s building. We will review 2018, look forward to 2019 and pray together.

When: January 9 from 7:30-9:30pm                              Where: 518 Moberly Road, Vancouver Join us for the Week of Prayer Jan. 22, 23, 24

We will be launching the new term with a Week of Prayer. There will be morning and evening prayer on Tuesday January 22nd, Wednesday the 23rd and Thursday the 24th. More details regarding location to follow shortly, but please do plan to pray with us. These are significant times for us as a church as we worship God, seek Him, and hear from Him. Come celebrate with us on Vision Sunday, January 27th

We will be celebrating out 7th anniversary as a church at the end of January. We’ll be giving thanks to God for  seven great years, as well as looking to what God will do in and through us. We have much to celebrate! Please come to our Newcomers’ Lunch Sunday, Jan. 27

There’s no better way to meet people than at our monthly Newcomers’ lunches. If you’ve never been to one of our Newcomers’ lunches please do come along. All you need to bring is yourself as lunch will be provided. If you’re interested in coming please let one of our Welcome team know on Sunday or email

When: 1:30pm                               Where: TBA


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No Service December 30, 2018

Wed, 12/19/2018 - 17:13

A picture of an iphone with "No Service" at the top.

Please be reminded that there will be NO Trinity Central Church services on Sunday, December 30th at Yaletown OR UBC. We wish you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years and look forward to seeing you on Sunday, January 6th when we resume our morning and evening services.

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PHP Team Reflections

Wed, 12/12/2018 - 16:28


In October we were privileged to host the Pursuing His Presence team (Dave Fellingham, Jos and Jenni Wintermeyer, Nick Tasquier, Jo and Paul McCulloch, Irene and Keith Brooks, and Roshan and Jen Cheraghvandi) who came from the UK to encourage, equip and bless us.  It was a wonderful whirlwind of prayer meetings, business breakfasts, youth hangouts, and the much anticipated Pursuing His Presence conference with Dave Fellingham. We are still enjoying the fruit of this time – God changed us!!

Just have a walk around the church and speak to anyone who was there – they may not have personally experienced healing, liberation, or had a personal revelation, but they will know someone who did. Many among us were healed, set free, and received prophetic words of encouragement and guidance, but even for those who did not, we are all the more encouraged to step out in faith and to be saturated with His Presence in our lives daily!

Here are a few testimonies from the PHP team visit:

Sam Verghese:

I was born with a condition called retinitis pigmentosa. This condition has left me with low peripheral vision, complete night blindness, and partial color blindness.

After the team from Horsham came – there were two people, particularly Nick and another guy – and they prayed for me and had some prophetic words about God restoring my vision in my eyes. As they prayed as a team and the whole church began to pray, I started to realise that spots in my eyes that had been there had started to disappear, and that I was able to see things in my periphery that I have never seen before. Although the healing has not been complete and although I am still praying that God will continue to heal, I am so grateful to God for what He has already done and I have faith for complete healing at a time to come!

Grace Coggan:

The week leading up to the conference, God had been speaking to me about my personal worship and stepping out in worship. He was speaking to me about growing that part of my life that gives me life and gives me freedom. I felt like for such a long time I had been trapped in that area, [but] I felt like now my personal worship at home was just exploding and I was having amazing times with God! This meant that when I went to church and it was corporate worship it was so easy to get into worship, even when the kids were running around beside me, because I already had that strong connection with God.

During the week the Horsham team were visiting I had been talking to Jos and Jen about how to bridge the gap in the stage I’m in, and they were just kinda praying for me, praying that God would speak… I felt I heard God speak, but you know you second guess it sometimes?? And so on the Saturday at the Pursuing His Presence Conference, Nick had a prophetic word for someone he called out as a “star”, and then as he was saying that he said that “the girl has star tattoos behind her left ear”, and there was no way he had seen that I had that and I knew this word was for me!! He basically said that my worship was special to God, and that it meant something and that He saw it.

It was just incredible for me, and it really solidified lots of things in my heart, and the awesome thing was that Jos and Jen and Sam were involved in the process and seen what was happening behind the scenes back at home, and so for that to happen on the Saturday was just an awesome thing! It reminded me that God is a personal God, and I was so encouraged thinking about how God knows our insecurities and the things we’re struggling with, and He also knows the things we are pressing forward with and trusting in Him for. I was so encouraged that He just wanted to reveal to me that He says: “I see everything you feel, and I’m pleased with it”, and it was just a confirmation to keep pushing forward in it, to keep seeking Him, because He has and is glorified through it.

Liezl Vander Woude:

The Horsham visit was really a ‘reset’ for me spiritually. I had become quite discouraged and felt really far away from the things of the Lord: unexcited about church life and even my personal walk with Jesus. I had become quite negative and very self critical – even a little bit hopeless.

On the Saturday morning of the Pursuing His Presence conference, while Dave Fellingham was teaching from the Bible, I felt the Holy Spirit confirm over and over to me: “You know this, you love this, you know the Scriptures, you love Jesus. This Truth is what brought you to your knees in the first place. The first time you experienced the freedom that comes with knowing Jesus Christ was when you truly believed this and nothing has changed…” I can really say that as Dave spoke my first faith returned to me!!

Afterwards, as we were worshipping and prophetic words were coming, every word seemed relevant to me. Pointing me to Jesus! Every contribution seemed to take us farther down the road and finally ending in a complete love song towards the Lord. Thankfulness for His enduring love, for His steadfastness and for His faithfulness towards us.

At the very end, Nick pointed me out specifically amongst other people with a word of knowledge. It sealed what had already been happening in my heart. God saw me and was encouraging me to stay in the light: to believe that His Spirit was at work in my life and to avoid choosing dark unbelief over the light of His Spirit.

When I look back on all the different words that people had received from Nick, who didn’t know them at all (but I did!) it struck me that there was a common thread. Through words of knowledge God chose something true of each person, something that was particularly true of each individual and encouraged them in that. I found that so instructive and it revealed to me so much of the heart of God towards His children: there might be many things wrong in your life, but He focuses on a specific good thing in your life and He encourages you in that. He builds us up! I was so struck by God’s goodness to us as a church, and obviously to me personally, that I just thought: “My! Clearly the Lord is among us!!”

What a blessing Dave Fellingham and the Horsham team were to us, and I so hope their hearts were full and their bags were overflowing with gifts from the Lord as they went home because they blessed us so incredibly. I’m very thankful that they took the time and made the effort to come and be with us.

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What’s on in December?

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 19:45

Love your neighbour – be a Christmas Dinner helper

Doreen is hosting a Christmas dinner for her tenants. Doreen is a manager for B.C. Housing which provides subsidized housing for the less fortunate. For many of these people this will be their only Christmas dinner so we want to make this really special.

There are various ways to help, and you can do one, two or all of them:

  • Donate food, gifts or gift cards.
    • Gifts will be provided for children so only gifts for adults needed.
    • Please mark the gifts male/female/either.
  • Help set up (beginning at 2pm)
  • Eat and chat with the guests (beginning at 5pm).
  • Help clean up (beginning at 6:30pm)

If you ‘d like to help, please chat with Doreen at church or email her:

When: Saturday, Dec 22 @ 5pm                                Where: 1987 West 7th Ave, basement door Love cookies? Sign up for the cookie exchange

What’s the cookie exchange? Here’s Jonny: “As in previous years, we will be making 8 dozen cookies (96 cookies) and splitting them amongst ourselves depending on the final count of contributors. for example, last year we had 18 contributors, so we took home 6 of each kind of cookie, but in 2016 there were 8 contributors, so we took home 12 of each kind of cookie.”

If you want in on all this cookie action here’s what to do:

1. Go to and put down what kind of cookie you are planning to make
2. try to bring something different from the cookies already posted
3. On Tuesday, December 11th, we will meet at Doreen’s place to exchange cookies – details on this will be sent out closer to the date.

Happy Baking! Register now for the Amazing Grace conference

On Saturday, April 13 at UBC Terry Virgo, founder of New Frontiers, will be speaking on God’s extraordinary, powerful and unstoppable grace. It’s a life changing message that is open to everyone so invite your friends!

You can register by following this link. 

If you want to hear what Terry is all about why not listen to a few sermons? You can become a member of Trinity on January 6

We are excited to welcome new members at our next Membership Sunday on Sunday, January 6. If you would like to become a member of Trinity Central Church you can begin the process here. Schedule of Services

Dec 2 – Yaletown and UBC
Dec 9 – Yaletown and UBC
Dec 16 – Yaletown only
Dec 23 – Yaletown only

Jan. 6 – Yaletown and UBC

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What’s on in November?

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 17:36

Picture of tree, ocean and mountain with the caption November What's On?

Listen to Pursuing His Presence sermons

If you missed any of Dave Fellingham’s preaches from the Pursuing His Presence conference or from Sunday, October 21, you can listen to them online or find them on the Trinity Central App under “sermons”. They are full of scriptural wisdom and insight and well worth your time! Come pray with us Wednesday, November 14

Our monthly prayer meetings are powerful times of worship and prayer that you don’t want to miss. You are warmly invited to join us at the Roundhouse next Wednesday as we call on God together.

When: Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 7:30pm    Where: Roundhouse Community Centre (Yaletown) New to Trinity Central? Come have lunch with us

The Newcomers’ Lunch is a great way to meet people. If you are new to Trinity and enjoy eating lunch please do come along! All you need to bring is yourself as food will be provided. If you’re interested in coming please let one of our Welcome team know on Sunday or email

When: Sunday, Nov 25 from 1:30pm          Where: To be announced

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Pursuing the Presence of God

Fri, 10/12/2018 - 18:51


If you haven’t yet reserved your seat for our Pursuing His Presence conference, STOP reading this blog post right now and do that! You can find a detailed breakdown of the day and register your place here, and it’s totally free!


At Trinity Central we love to spend time in God’s presence – in our worship, in our prayer meetings, in our Life Groups, and in our relationships. It’s challenging to set aside all the other “things” in our lives that tug us in a million different directions. We are living lives that are more full of “stuff” than ever before and often we have to fight through the clutter, business and the ever growing to-do lists that clamour for our attention.


There is always something that needs to be done, but as we were reminded a couple of Sundays ago (you can listen to Rhys’ preach on Reclaiming Mission here), it is not everything else and then we squeeze God in at the end. Biblically, it is God first and then everything else finds its good and rightful place.


GOD IS GOOD, and He truly and deeply desires to be at the very heart of all we do, all that motivates us, indeed, at the very heart of us. He gives us His Holy Spirit, Word, community, and gifts to lead and guide us on our pursuit of Him. One such gift is PEOPLE – people who have a passion for, and spiritual anointing to encourage, lead and help others in this very pursuit. We are blessed to have friendships with such a team of people!


This Monday a team from King’s Church in Horsham (UK), will be joining us for a week. They are here to pray and prophesy with us, encourage us and build us up. If you’re a youth, the team is going to be spending some focused time with you. If you’re in business, there is an exciting opportunity to have breakfast with some of the team and find out more how to live our faith in the marketplace. One of the things we are most excited about is the conference on Saturday October 20th, where they will encourage and challenge us to PURSUE GOD’S PRESENCE!


In a nutshell, our focus will be on:

  • Going deeper with Jesus
  • Stepping into freedom
  • Growing as a prophetic people
  • And, growing as worshippers who praise God in Spirit and Truth


When we make the intentional pursuit of God and His Presence a priority, He richly blesses us with Himself, and His love, kindness, affirmation, encouragement, grace and every good thing. He Himself, is indeed our Greatest Treasure!


Take a minute to read Luke 15:11-32 – the parable of the Prodigal Son. You can not even begin to fathom how much He desires to be with you!!!


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What’s on in October?

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A picture of a path in a city park including trees that are shedding their leaves. The text says "October what's on?"

Trinity is on the Road Oct 7 and 14 (AM service)

Due to the demands of the Vancouver International Film Festival, we are temporarily moving our MORNING service to the Roundhouse Community Centre for two more Sundays:  October 7, and October 14. The evening service at UBC is not affected and will continue to meet in the usual location at Hillel House. Pray with us Oct 16 at the Roundhouse

We love seeing God at work in and through our prayer. You are cordially invited to join us for our next prayer meeting on Tuesday, October 16. We will be joined by the Pursuing His Presence team.

When: 7:30pm                                 Where: Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown Sign up for Pursuing His Presence conference Oct 20

We are so looking forward to welcoming our good friend Andy Robinson and his team from Kings Church Horsham to Vancouver next month. Andy and his team last visited us in March/April of 2017 and they were a huge blessing to us, particularly in building our faith in God’s provision.

There will be various opportunities to interact with the Horsham team throughout that week but we would particularly like to highlight the Pursuing His Presence day conference on October 20th at the Polish Community Centre. This will be an exciting day of worship, teaching and workshops and it is absolutely free!

You can find out more HERE.


Make it your business to have breakfast with Andy

If you want to integrate your faith in Jesus with the work / employment God has given you, don’t miss the businesswo(man)s breakfast with Andy Robinson. Before getting into church leadership, Andy worked for 20 years as a programmer and then as the sales and marketing director for a large international software company. We will be starting at 7am SHARP so please come a bit before then. Chat to Sam Coggan for further details.


Where: Denny’s West Broadway      When: October 17 from 7 – 8:30am    Cost: $20 Pray for Gift Day October 21

Gift Day is an opportunity to express our worship to God through financial generosity. It enables us to do everything that we do – from running Alpha courses and putting on conferences to hiring venues for Sunday meetings and special events to paying our staff.

We love to use some of the funds we raise to bless others – last year we made generous donations to United Gospel Mission – which does great work with homeless people and recovering addicts in Vancouver – and Christ Central Church in Fredericton for their church-planting work in Atlantic Canada. New to Trinity? Join us for lunch Sunday, Oct 28

The Newcomers’ Lunch is a great way to meet people. If you are new to Trinity and enjoy eating lunch please do come along! All you need to bring is yourself as food will be provided. If you’re interested in coming please let one of our Welcome team know on Sunday or email

When: Sunday, Oct 28 from 1:30pm          Where: To be decided

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Meet the Pursuing His Presence Team

Thu, 10/04/2018 - 15:55
Andy Robinson

Andy is married to Hazel and they have two sons. He is the lead pastor of Kings Church Horsham and leads several teams in the church as part of this role. Andy worked for 20 years in the IT industry as a programmer and latterly as the sales and marketing director for a large international software company before joining the staff at King’s in 2006. Together with his wife Hazel, he also serves CCB, a Newfrontiers church in Brasov, Romania, as well as other churches in the UK and abroad. For fun, Andy loves getting out on his motorbike and particularly enjoys riding to far flung places across Europe. Andy is passionate about God’s people encountering Him and living their life the way the Bible says is possible!


Jos & Jenni Wintermeyer

Jos is married to Jenn and they have three children. Jos is the Worship Director at Kings Church Horsham. He is also part of the Eldership team.  Jos was part of the band Phatfish and has played live and in the studio alongside worship leaders such as Stuart Townend, Matt Redman and Lou Fellingham. He has also helped lead worship at numerous Christian events in the UK such as Devoted, Spring Harvest and Big Church Day Out. Jos has also worked as a professional sound engineer and has a degree in Music Production. He is passionate for excellence in both musicianship and production whilst pursuing the presence of God.

Jenn is a full time mother who is very involved in Church life, leading a thriving mother and toddlers group.  She is also gifted pastorally, helping people to work through various personal difficulties with gentleness and good humor.


Nick Tasquier

Nick has his own business and is a Financial Advisor. He and Andy Robinson have been friends for many years and Andy loves to have Nick alongside him when he travels.  On a recent trip to Zambia Nick spent considerable time speaking with business men and women about their businesses and bringing Godly wisdom and insight to bear.  He is prophetically gifted, particularly expressed in words of knowledge.


Jo & Paul McCulloch

Jo and Paul have two adult children. They enjoy travel and reading. Jo is a gifted prophet who hears and speaks the word of God clearly and concisely. A gifted communicator, Jo loves to teach, impart and activate prophetic gifting in others. Jo is a Deacon at King’s Church Horsham overseeing the wide and diverse prophetic ministry within the church. She also oversees the Kings Church Prophetic Academy ( where she leads the teaching & tutor team. Jo’s passion is to see people inspired and equipped to hear God and be part of bringing prophetic encouragement and direction in every sphere of life.

Paul is a Director and part owner of a legal company, now semi-retired.  He enjoys making bread and fishing when he gets the chance!


Irene & Keith Brooks

Keith & Irene have four children and seven grandchildren.  Irene is a Deacon for King’s Church Horsham and serves the Pastoral Support Team and the Pastoral Care Academy. She is an accredited counsellor and supervisor with the Association of Christian Counsellors and has designed and trained a number of pastoral care and counselling courses.

Keith is a Trustee of Kings Church and a Chartered Electrical Engineer. Keith is also a Justice of the Peace (magistrate) sitting in both Adult and Family courts.  When he retired from engineering in 2003 he felt God calling him to join the judiciary as part of the church’s service to the community.  If asked what his ministry is today he will tell you it is looking after his wife Irene and enabling her to carry out the calling that God has put on her life.


Roshan & Jen Cheraghvandi

Roshan is passionate about seeing God’s rule and power manifested in the workplace through a work culture that is inspired by the values and principles found in scripture. Roshan enjoys building authentic relationships and helping people to make good choices in their life. At work Roshan helps develop business strategy, improve business processes and he also develops software. Roshan’s pastoral heart comes alive when listening and praying with others as part of the church’s ministry team. Jen works part time as a receptionist for Kings Arms Church Bedford and part-time as a “wellness advocate” helping people to live more healthily. Under her stage name of Eden-Rae she writes and performs songs with a contemporary sound that proclaim the good news of Jesus to the world. She released her debut EP this summer called Home-Grown. You can listen to her music here.  Jen enjoys teaching song writing and she also enjoys teaching what she has been learning from the bible.

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Pursuing His Presence Day Conference Oct. 20

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 12:30

Header image for the Pursuing His Presence conference put on by Trinity Central, a downtown Vancouver church.


We are delighted to have a team from King’s Church Horsham (UK) leading our Pursuing His Presence Day Conference.  It is the highlight of their week-long visit with us.  The team are experienced in hosting the presence of God and enabling others to encounter His presence for themselves.

We will have a main session all together with Jos Wintermeyer leading worship and Andy Robinson speaking.  Then after a short break there will be three workshop ‘tracks’ to choose from; a Worship Track, a Prophetic Track, and a Spiritual Freedom Track.


Each workshop track is comprised of two sessions – one before lunch and one after. Everyone is welcome!

New Testament Worship – We were created to worship God! Come grow as a worshipper and in leading others in Spirit-filled times of worship such as life groups.

Growing in Prophecy – “Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.” (1 Corinthians 14:1) Come discover and nurture your prophetic gift as you grow in faith and intimacy in hearing God.

Spiritual Freedom –  “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” (Galatians 5:1) Come and experience the freedom we have in Jesus Christ and learn to pray for freedom for others.


Polish Community Centre, 4015 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4E6


10:00am-11:30am     Welcome & Main Session with Andy Robinson speaking
11:30am-11:45pm     Short break
11:45pm-12:45pm    Workshop Session 1
12:45pm-2:15pm      Lunch break (lunch not provided)
2:15pm-3:00pm        Worship time all together
3:00pm-4:00pm       Workshop Session 2


There are a number of coffee shops and food outlets nearby where you can buy a drink before the conference starts and food at lunchtime.  Water will be available throughout the day.


Child care is not provided but children are very welcome to attend.


There is no charge for the conference.


October 20, 2018 from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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