Ontairo Churches Together 2019

Worship the King

Our next Churches Together day will be on Saturday September 28th from 10 am to 3:00 pm at Milton Bible Church. We anticipate a solid time together in prophetic worship and an encouraging word from our co-worker Dennis Arevalo.

Another great CG Celebration Day with churches being together. We are continuing to focus on the Kingdom of God and in particular ‘Worship the King’.

Newfrontiers Canada Leadership Conference, Oct 2013

Ontario Camping Weekend July 7-12

Together In Christ

  • WHAT? A churches together camping weekend – 3 days, 2 nights of enabling mission through worship, teaching and relationship building.
  • WHEN? From 7pm Friday July 12 through to the morning of Sunday July 14, 2013.
  • WHERE? Saugeen Springs Park near Hanover. To book your spot, use the booking form on the campsite’s website. When contacting for booking please mention “Newfrontiers Church Camp” so that your booking is treated appropriately.
  • FIND OUT MORE ontariochurchestogether.com

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2013 Conference Videos and Audio

image: 2013-06-01a-tope.jpg
1. Spirit Filled Church by Tope Koleoso


image: 2013-06-01b-tope.jpg
2. Praying Church by Tope Koleoso


image: 2013-06-01c-tope.jpg
3. The Full Gospel by Tope Koleoso


image: 2013-06-01d-tope.jpg
4. Q & A with Tope Koleoso and
David Campbell


image: 2013-06-02-tope.jpg
5. Living by Faith by Tope Koleoso

(Sunday at Newlife Church, Toronto)